Here You can follow the latest upgrades and improvements to the service

0.3.52021-03-14Added functionality
  • Improved booking of waging and payouts under Game play
0.3.32021-02-23Added functionality
  • Dynamical arcade introduced
0.3.02021-01-03Added functionality
  • Added faucet functionality
0.2.52020-11-15Added functionality
  • Spam filters added
  • Several improvements and bug fixes
0.22020-10-03Added functionality
  • Inclusion of ETHO crypto currencies
  • Added new mailing templates for play portal
  • Several improvements and bug fixes
0.1.62020-06-27Added functionality
  • New logo
0.1.42020-04-25Added functionality
  • Update to database
0.1.32020-03-21Added functionality
  • Added Bugzilla
  • Update to database
0.1.22020-03-21Added functionality
  • 10 ATH bonus is moved to hot account
  • ATH cannot be transferred for a week from hot account for new accounts
  • Improved funds page
  • improved logging and several bug fixes
0.1.12020-02-23Added functionality
  • Added bonus at registration
0.1.02020-02-16Added functionality
  • Functionality aligned with construct module 0.1.0 and portal 0.1.0
0.0.92020-01-19Added functionality
  • Added funds page
  • functionality aligned with construct module 0.0.9 and portal 0.0.9
0.0.82020-01-12Added functionality
  • Rebranding to Atheios play
  • Aligned version with Atheios portal
  • Database uplift to same version as portal
0.022019-11-30Updated design
0.012019-09-01Initial launch